Shared Leaflet Distribution

Shared Leaflet Distribution is the most popular choice. The unaddressed leaflets will be the last items people will read or look at. However the leaflets are their on their own to be picked up and the reader sees something that is relevant.

Shared Leaflet Distribution with 2 - 6 customer's leaflets is the most cost effective andcan be the most effective leaflet distribution option available. We would recommendno more than 3 leaflets together.

Our company TalentCom Media Ltd owns a performing arts school and we are currently distributing leaflets door to door in the Blackpool Central, South and North areas to promote it. Therefore

we are offering this special deal, £18 per 1000 leaflets no matter how many sets of lealfets

(Maximum of 6) are being distributed together.

Or alternatively the prices are as follows:

2 sets of leaflets: £45 per 1000 leaflets.

3 sets of leaflets: £30 per 1000 leaflets.

4 sets of leaflets: £25 1000 leaflets.

5 sets of leaflets: £22 per 1000 leaflets.

6 sets of leaflets: £18 per 1000 leaflets